Insights from Non-Executive Directors

Becoming a young Non-Executive Director: Shona Marsh

Shona has two board roles: Trustee with Disability Snowsports UK, and Non-Executive Director at Visit Scotland. Shona became a non-exec at 31. She emailed Dynamic Boards to share that someone she knew asked her ‘what experience have YOU got that would be suitable for a board?’ in a rather condescending way. The person who asked that knew little of her

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NED chats ~ Mark Sweeny, Non-Executive Director, Sapphire Independent Housing

Watch our full conversation with Mark Sweeny, Non-Executive Director, Sapphire Independent Housing Highlights: ☛ Why housing associations’ have independent non-execs ☛ Has the experience of being on a housing association board changed in 30 years ☛ The COVID-19 impact on the length of board packs ☛ Innovation in housing associations ☛ The need to look at diversity in governance in a sustainable way

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NED chats ~ Jonathan Roe, Chair of Amigo Holdings Plc

Watch our chat with Jonathan Roe, Chair of Amigo Holdings Plc. Highlights:☛Joining a board while meetings are held remotely☛ The impact of lockdown on interactions between the board and employees☛ The importance of simple or left-field questions☛ Avoiding group think Thank you Jonathan for your time! ——- If you know of a Non-Executive Director who you think Dynamic Boards should

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