Becoming a Non-Executive Director

Becoming A NED In A Family Owned Business

A seat at the top table of a family owned business brings its own set of unique challenges and opportunities for a NED joining the board. The family owned dynamic is ‘the little bit of magic you always have to think about’. 

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Shadow Directors: What Is A Shadow Directorship & How To Avoid It?

Boards are at the heart of company governance. They play a critical role in making strategic decisions, managing risks and providing oversight and accountability, and can have a significant role in shaping the company’s overall performance and impact. With great power comes great responsibility for the company Directors, but watch out: it also comes to shadow directors.

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Becoming a young Non-Executive Director: Shona Marsh

Shona has two board roles: Trustee with Disability Snowsports UK, and Non-Executive Director at Visit Scotland. Shona became a non-exec at 31. She emailed Dynamic Boards to share that someone she knew asked her ‘what experience have YOU got that would be suitable for a board?’ in a rather condescending way. The person who asked that knew little of her

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Non-Executive Director jargon

Trying to get your head around the difference between a Non-Executive Director, iNED, Commissioner, Associate Non-Exec or Trustee? The range of roles can make the process of looking for one feel overwhelming. We post c.100 non-executive roles a month on Dynamic Boards and they have a broad variety of titles. What do all the roles we show you on Dynamic

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Joining the Board of a Housing Association

Becoming a non-executive director of a housing association is “like getting an MBA for free”… We asked Mark Sweeny what he’d say to someone considering joining the board of a housing association. His 1 minute answer gets to the heart of it: you’d get a huge amount of personal development (akin to a “free MBA”!) and a chance to bring

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What is a Non-Executive Director?

In this article, we shed light on what it is to be a non-executive director. The role of a non-executive director today is far from the stereotypes; of smoking jackets, whiskey and private members clubs with panelled walls. So, what is a NED? A fresh pair of eyes A non-executive director brings an external perspective to discussions around the board

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