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Are you on a UK board in a non-executive capacity?
Do you want to add value to the organisation by being a thoughtful and effective board member?
If so, you are invited to join our NED community.

There is no guide book to cover all eventualities in the boardroom. You will face challenges that require time and creative thinking to navigate. Whether you are a seasoned Non-Exec or a newbie, we all need fresh thinking.
Sometimes there are sensitive matters that might be hard to speak with your board about, or you might have already spoken to them but not been satisfied with the answer. We will provide a space to discuss how you might face these challenges.
There are limited practical professional development opportunities for Non-Execs, yet we hold the most important decision making roles in UK organisations. We aren’t the finished article – NEDs need development too!

What is the Dynamic Boards NED Community?

A community of Non-Executive Directors meeting together to support each other to become more thoughtful and effective board members.

Our meetups take place on Zoom, for 90 minutes, on the 3rd Monday of each month at 12.30pm.

Our zoom meetups are primarily a practical peer-to-peer learning community. External speakers will only be invited to speak for 10 minutes max. The majority of each meet-up will be spent in discussion as a group, and in breakout rooms.

Membership is FREE.

Reflecting on our NED practice. At each meetup we’ll have an experienced NED or governance expert sharing their tips on a particular area of their NED practice. We’ll then have space to discuss how we can practically use these tips to improve our approach in that specific area.

Tackling the difficult issues. In the second half of each meetup, we’ll share an anonymous challenge one of the community is facing on their board, and ideas for what action the individual could take.

Enjoying community! You have the option to join a NED WhatsApp group that provides a space to share ideas and inspiration, to network, and to cheer one another along.


Who can join?

Only people who are already UK Non-Executive Directors or Chairs can join this NED community.

If you are a UK Trustee you are also welcome to apply to join, as the group is predominantly for those with NED/Chair roles. We will review the balance of the group before confirming your space.

Everyone is welcome to sign up to Dynamic Boards and view our NED ‘jobs board’. Access to that will remain totally free.

Monday at 12.30 doesn't suit me, are there any other options?

We appreciate this time may not work for everyone. We hope to launch a second NED community at a different time of the week later this year. Please send us an email with the subject ‘NED Community timing’ to: hello@dynamicboards.co.uk and we’ll make sure we keep you in mind for the next cohort. 

How will you manage confidentiality?

We ask that individuals don’t name organisations or individuals in their discussions. We focus on the practice of being a NED, and how you would tackle certain scenarios you might face on a board.

Who is running this community?

This community is being run by NEDs for NEDs. The facilitator is Sarah Pierman, CEO of Dynamic Boards. Sarah has been on four boards: one charity board and three private company boards, she is in her 30s and is passionate about good governance.

Who will be speaking?

We have a network of experienced NEDs who have committed to support this NED community. To get a sense of the value you can gain from listening to outside perspectives on challenges NEDs face please view our ‘Dear Dynamic Boards’ discussions here

Have a questions we haven't answered?

Email us at hello@dynamicboards.co.uk

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