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Video ~ Jonathan Roe, Chair of Amigo Holdings Plc

Watch our chat with Jonathan Roe, Chair of Amigo Holdings Plc. Highlights:☛Joining a board while meetings are held remotely☛ The impact of lockdown on interactions between the board and employees☛ The importance of simple or left-field questions☛ Avoiding group think Thank you Jonathan for your time! ——- If you know of a Non-Executive Director who you think Dynamic Boards should

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Tokenism on boards

Diversity awkwardness. In this series we hit the awkward topics around boards, and we try to encourage a move towards a thoughtful discussion that will drive us to create truly dynamic boards. This is #2 in the series, click here to read #1 “I’m not diversity”. “I don’t want to be asked to join the board just because I’m the

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What is a Non-Executive Director?

In this Demystifying series, we shed light on what it is to be a non-executive director. The role of a non-executive director in 2020 is far from the stereotypes; of smoking jackets, whiskey and private members clubs with panelled walls. So, what is a NED? A fresh pair of eyes A non-executive director brings an external perspective to discussions around

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