Passing on the baton

South Yorkshire Housing Association have taken the unusual approach of interviewing their last four Chairs to show those considering the role who they are receiving the baton from. We reflect on what that shows us about the role of the Non-Exec. A big difference between Non-Executive Director or Chair roles and ‘normal’ jobs is that you are only there for

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Data dive on housing non-exec board roles

What kind of board members are housing associations looking for? How much do they pay? And how much do they use search firms? Read our insights to find out.  Nearly half of all Housing Associations specifically look for diversity in their non-exec adverts. The group most frequently encouraged to apply for roles is people from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic

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How to write a Non-Executive Director CV and Cover Letter

Top tips for writing your board-ready CV (curriculum vitae, Latin for “course of life”), and your Cover Letter (also known as your Supporting Statement, or Statement of suitability).  You’ve been looking through the board roles on Dynamic Boards and you are keen to apply for a Non-Executive Director role, great! You now need to write a ‘NED CV’ and a

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